Expected returns by Robeco

Robeco, the well known Dutch asset manager, published their expected returns for 2020-2024.

Given that returns on nearly all assets are pushed lower as the main benchmark, 10 year German govt bond yields, keep drifting lower, it’s no surprise to see some very conservative expected returns. Developed market equities 3.25% EUR return, emerging markets 3.75% EUR return. It’s pretty interesting to read this while knowing that the Dutch government is considering taxing these 3.25% returns with 1.75% asset tax. (see my article on the spaar belasting change) All this means very very tough times ahead for any asset manager serving retail investors’ non pension savings.

Published by everydayinvesting

Amsterdam based. There will definitely be a bias towards topics relevant to my work. I'm interested in investing, markets, economics, politics, history but also machine learning, statistics and how (whether) all these can be combined. I have questions and let me know if you have answers! Always happy to discuss any of the below and more. - can machine learning be applied to investing? - what's the future of active investment management? - what's the future of passive investment management? - where's the best trade now?

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